Easy-to-use web applications for engineering

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We are developing new applications for the cloud service in co-operation with service provider and our partners. As professionals in mechanical and construction engineering and optimization, we focus on the design and development of demanding solutions.

Solutions for structural optimization

You can speed up engineering by developing your engineering process and automating some of it. We have the expertise to combine strength calculations (e.g. FEM) and modern methods to speed up design.

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Tailored and customized applications

We develop tailored solutions for customer needs. For example, a configurator used for offer calculations, where you can combine a simulation software or a small additional application for checking standards.

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SORVI method

An optimization method that is particularly suited to practical needs. SORVI is based on long-term research at Tampere University of Technology. Its key advantage is low number of evaluations compared to other optimization methods. The SORVI method can be combined, for example, with company-specific configurators.

Expert Services and Consulting

Enhancing engineering processes
We assist in implementing advanced methods into the engineering process
Optimization service
We have solid knowledge and theoretical knowledge in optimization and its applications
Development of demanding algorithms
For demanding computing solutions such as Python, Matlab, and Javascript implementations
Software development and User experience
Software development, especially for engineering
Other engineering consultancy and training